The Morning Call recently published an article entitled, “Retail Watch Scanning the Storefronts,” where Smart Tax was with its expansion plans into the area. Nick Rizzi, CEO and Founder, was interviewed discussing the future growth plans for the area adding 10 locations and targets the first location for tax season 2012. The article notes the more than two dozen locations around New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia which will move in to be competitors of other full-service tax chains like H & R Block and Jackson Hewitt. Check out a portion of the article below or read the full story here.

Retail Watch Scanning the Storefronts

Smart Tax wants a piece of the action too. CEO Nick Rizzi said the chain, which started in New York in 2006, would like to have 10 locations in the Valley. Its first location could open sometime next year, but probably not before tax season.

The full-service tax chain has more than two dozen locations in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. It will be another competitor for the region’s public accountants and chains like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. (Read More)