>Recently, Smart Tax franchisee David Stein was featured in the Long Island Exchange with his partner Teresa Castano. The article focuses on the continued growth of Smart Tax, their local franchisees, and the future goals of the franchise. You can check out part of the article here with a full link to the article in its entirety below.

Local Entrepreneur Opens New Tax Preparation Service on Long Island

While many businesses are slowing down due to the rocky economic climate, Smart Tax franchise, a newly launched 10-unit tax preparation concept, is just starting to speed up. Smart Tax is a step above the competition by offering quicker returns, better services and is expanding rapidly, now opening their newest location in Baldwin at 1298 Grand Ave.

“I have always been on the franchisor side of the industry, and now I wanted to switch gears and Smart Tax was the perfect opportunity to offer a much-needed service to a community in high demand of tax services,” said David Stein, franchisee of the Baldwin location.

David Stein, a broker for branded franchise concepts such as Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Taco Bell, KFC and Checkers Hamburgers, has now entered into a franchisee role, opening the Baldwin Smart Tax location. His partner, Teresa Castano, a native to Columbia and a 10- year financial industry expert in accounting, taxes and mortgages, will bring Baldwin a unique combination of Smart Tax services. Their Smart Tax location will also offer complimentary mortgage modification and services in both Spanish and English. The two have combined their skills in the franchise industry and financial industry to offer the best tax preparation and financial services to their community.