>Smart Tax was recently featured in an article in the New Mexico Business Weekly entitled, “IRS Aims to Squelch Tax Prep Incompetence.” The article was built from an in-depth interview with Nick Rizzi and delves into the trend emerging where the IRS is becoming stricter in enforcing rules and regulations on tax preparers and also discusses Smart Tax’s growth plans throughout New Mexico. A portion of the story is shared below, and you can view the full article here.

IRS aims to squelch tax prep incompetence
by Dennis Domrzalski

As the Internal Revenue Service prepares to crack down on tax preparers, some see it as an effort to drive small practitioners out of business.

But others, like Nick Rizzi, CEO of Smart Tax, see it as an opportunity. Rizzi’s franchise company says it plans to open 15 offices in the Albuquerque area by the 2012 tax season.

“Everybody needs to do taxes, and we have found it to be a good business to be in,” says Rizzi from his New York City office. “Albuquerque is a prime hub for expansion and development because the market is largely underserved.”

With 80 percent of Americans using a tax preparation service and with new, stricter IRS regulations, the tax industry as a whole will need to adapt, and many small tax preparers in the Albuquerque market will be eliminated. (Read More)