>Recently, Smart Tax was featured in the magazine Life Insurance Selling, which focuses on trends in the financial and insurance industries. Smart Tax’s Vice President of Franchise Development and Queens Franchisee, Joseph Fontana, wrote an article for the publication about his experiences in expanding his portfolio and adding taxes. As a long-time financial planner and insurance broker, Fontana most recently became a tax preparation business owner as well, which has allowed him to offer a whole new service to his clients. Finding that taxes, unlike some other financial services, were recession-proof, Fontana has found a profitable business model to service his clients and create a stronger, trusting relationship with his clients. In the article, Fontana shares his experience and offers advice to other insurance brokers looking to make the leap into tax preparation. Click here to view the full article!

Breaking Into Tax Preparation

I was a financial advisor for 17 years, working with my clients to provide a wide range of services including life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance as well as mutual funds, stocks and bonds. At the time, I was working at a bank in Brooklyn, where I provided services to my clients through this channel.

Throughout my life, I always dreamed of owning my own business and servicing my clients with a more personal and customized relationship. In light of the prolonged economic crisis, specifically following 9/11, and the changes our industry was going through, I saw my career coming to an inevitable end. Interest rates were increasing, and people were not investing. Even right now, there are trillions of dollars sitting in the money market that people are not investing.

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