>Smart Tax was recently featured in an article in the Jewish Exponent entitled, “Home is Where the … Tax Credit Is?” The article was built from an interview with Nick Rizzi and Steve Beagelman discussing the current state of the housing market in Philadelphia and how the new tax credit initiatives will affect the housing market. Steve and Nick were both used as expert sources on the topic. Below is a sample of the article along with a link to the article in its entirety.

Home Is Where the … Tax Credit Is?
But that relief is ending, so what’s a buyer to do now? Act fast!
By Elyse Glickman

… Even with some of these advantages, however, Denk and Dietz strongly encourage buyers to consult NAHB’s paper on the tax benefits of home ownership (www.nahb.org) , consult organizations like the National Council of State Housing Agencies (www.ncsha.org/housing-help) , and look into other first-time buyer programs through state housing agencies.

“Being under duress in itself can be a pitfall,” warns Nick Rizzi, CEO and founder of New York-based Smart Tax, a tax-preparation company that has offices in the Philadelphia region.

“Even with these great opportunities,” he says, “when you buy a house, you need to realize you are going to be living there for a major part of your life. This is a decision you need to think through completely, even if time is running out.”

Steve Beagelman, a Bucks County resident who heads SMB Franchise Advisors, recalls this kind of prudent thinking enabled him and his wife to make smarter choices when setting down permanent roots near Philadelphia.

“Based on what I observe is happening in the economy right now in my business, if people have the means and ability to buy a house, now is a great time to do it,” he says.