>Smart Tax was recently featured in an article in the Houston Business Journal entitled, “IRS Rule Proposals Stimulate Smart Tax Preparations.” The article was built from a new phone interview with Nick Rizzi, CEO and Founder of Smart Tax combined with a previous phone interview done by the Casey Wooten with Nick Rizzi and Megan Savitsky, Smart Tax’s Houston franchisee. The interview delves into the expansion plans of Smart Tax in the Houston area, calling for more locations because of the recent IRS rule changes and lowered barriers of entry into franchising, which is providing a tremendous opportunity for mass development in the Houston market. Below is a sample of the article along with a link to the article in its entirety.

IRS rule proposals stimulate Smart Tax preparations
by Casey Wooten Reporter

After establishing a toehold in Houston last year, Smart Tax is counting on IRS rule changes to expand the tax preparation firm’s footprint.

New York-based Smart Tax set up shop with a franchise in the Northshore area in November 2009.

Nick Rizzi, founder and CEO, now plans to roll out as many as 50 area locations during the next five years.

“When I look at Houston I see a prime area for a franchise situation like ours,” says Rizzi.

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