>Smart Tax’s Queens franchisee, Jorge Quintana, was recently featured in Crain’s New York Business in an article about veterans who later became business owners. The article states that, “one in seven veterans is self-employed or owns a small business, and that vets are 50% more likely than the rest of the work force to become entrepreneurs.” The story discusses Jorge’s entrepreneur story and diligent work ethic, which has helped him succeed as a business owner. As a veteran, Jorge was able to take advantage of the incentives from VetFran, as Smart Tax is a member of the organization, which allowed him to receive a 25% discount on the franchise fee. Jorge shares his expected growth this year during tax season and his “can-do” attitude which he attributes to being in the Marine Corps. Click here to view the full text!

Veterans’ grit gives startups muscle: Ex-military personnel prove well-suited to new firms’ risks, rigors.
By Diane Hess

Jorege Quintana, 32, just took advantage of a 25% discount from VetFran—an International Franchise Association initiative that introduces vets to franchise opportunities—to buy a Smart Tax store in Queensbridge, Queens, for $40,000. Mr.
Quintana expects $80,000 in sales this year.

After he got the keys to his shop in December, Mr. Quintana turned to a handful of buddies to help him gut the store and complete a renovation in two weeks. He credits his can-do attitude to his four years as a diesel-engine mechanic in the Marine Corps. His team once had to fix 379 vehicles and 129 trailers in two months to meet inspection standards.

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