>Smart Tax was recently featured in an article in Brooklyn Business Trends called, “Nick’s Smart Franchise,” where Nick Rizzi, Founder and CEO of Smart Tax discussed his process of putting the company together. Realizing the potential of the tax industry, Nick looked for franchise opportunities with Liberty Tax and Jackson-Hewitt however all of the markets were sold out…leading to the inception of Smart Tax franchise. After the first two years, Nick’s colleagues wanted to get involved and the brand started franchising in November of 2009 and opened with nine locations. Just one year later, the brand has 27 open locations and 46-territories sold in all five boroughs, North and South Jersey, Philadelphia and South Carolina. Click here for the full story.

Nick’s ‘Smart’ Franchise
By Tim Ronaldson

Nick Rizzi is a walking, talking advertisement for public transportation marketing.

No, he’s not a salesman and he doesn’t work for the city’s Transit Authority.

But an advertisement on the side of a bus did serve as a catalyst – at least in part – for Rizzi starting his own business, Smart Tax, that in six years went from a one-location operation to a 29-location franchise. The advertisement wasn’t awe-inspiring, and it wasn’t sexy. It simply beckoned, “learn how to prepare income taxes.”

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